Quality Services

Wolfe’s Transport is committed to providing industry leading hauling, tank cleaning and environmental spill clean throughout the Mid Atlantic region.

Wolfe’s Environmental Transport is committed to providing leading services throughout the West Virginia, Ohio and Pennsylvania region.

We use state-of-the-art wet/dry vacuum trucks capable of hauling and transporting materials including liquids, sludges and solids. Vacuum truck services save time and money be removing debris which is much faster than shoveling or hand loading. We provide trucks for both routine and emergency situations, depending on your need.

Materials can be off-loaded or delivered for recycling or disposal as the situation dictates.

In addition to our quality services, Wolfe’s Environmental Transport is dedicated to jobsite safety. Our team adheres to the highest level of jobsite and employee safety, including ongoing training and a zero tolerance policy.

Applications for our services also include:

  • Water hauling
  • Open-top, clamshell, vac box, and roll-off delivery and pickup
  • Compressor station services
  • Hazardous Material Clean Up and Disposal Services.
  • We haul condensate and other hazardous liquids

To learn about Wolfe’s Environmental Transport and all of our hauling and environmental services, please contact:


  • Tank Cleaning
  • Environmental Spill Clean
  • Water Hauling
  • Cusco Super Sucker
  • Rolloffs — Vac Boxes, Open Top & Clam shell
  • 407 Hazard Waste Trucks

Dedicated To
Our Jobsite &
Employee Safety